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525 Technologies’ services approach is customer-centered.  Our software packages are designed to simplify day-to-day tasks for our customers, while our support products improve end user experiences. From deployments, imaging, enrollments, to repair services and IFP mounting we are your go-to services provider.

See our full listing of services below, and contact us with any questions or to get more info.


RFP Process ● Student Internship Programs ● Project Management ● Historical Data ● Student/Teacher Device Selection ●
Community Involvement ● Professional Development


Green Glove Services ● Project Planning ● Onsite School Support ● Student Verifications ● Student Ownership ● Cart/Type ● Student Transfer

Device Management

Google and AD Management ● Apple, Chrome, or Windows Enrollments ● Image Creation ● Custom Configuration ● Windows Pre-Deployment ● VPN Tunnel ● Content and Apps Management ● Security Software

Managed Services


Site Assessments ● Network Management ● Server Management ● Reporting – Security 

Device Services

Google White Glove Services ● Enrollment ● Console Management ● Go Guardian ● AirWatch/Jamf

Ongoing Support

Accidental Damage Protection ● Service Level Agreements ● On-site/Off-site Repairs ● Parts Management ● Spare and Loaner Management

Summer Projects

Summer Repairs ● Summer Device Storage ● Summer Re-imaging

Let’s work together

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